Download MRecorder – Free Cell Phone Tracker App for Android (Version 0.73)

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Download Button AndroPpsMRecorder is a powerful application for tracking and spying on Android smartphones. Download the application from AndroPps using the phone you want to track. Before installing MRecorder, uninstall previous versions of this application or any other application you are using for monitoring. After completing the installation, open the application and enter your email. You will get access link on your email.

If you want to hide the application icon, just open MRecorder and click on “Hide icon”. This will remove the icon from the application list. You can open the application by dialing 123456.

If you want to uninstall MRecorder, open Application Manager in Setting, find app “Connection Manager” and uninstall it.

Features of MRecorder:

  • Stealth regime: no notifications, the icon can be removed from the application list. All data will automatically be uploaded to your online account.
  • Automatically save SMS and records calls. It may not be compatible with some devices. MRecorder uses build-in mic for recording.
  • Automatically track location.
  • Hidden audio recording of surroundings.
  • MRecorder silently takes pictures during phone conversation using rear-facing camera.
  • Remote commands: switch on/of WiFi and mobile data, locking/unlocking the phone, start/stop recording etc.

Additional Information:

Offered By: MobileRecorder24

File Format: APK

Size: 1.6M

Current Version: 0.73

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