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MouseMote is a new android app that has all the things you would expect from a remote control app: touch panel, keyboard, multimedia controls and other useful features. On top of these, the app has a feature that you cannot find from too many android apps: an Air Mouse function. This means that the app allows you to control your computer mouse by moving your phone around the air, kind of like the Wiimote.

The app has a FREE and a Paid version available. The difference between the free and the full version is that the full version has a few more features and it has no ads.

Features of MouseMote

  • Connect to computer with Bluetooth or Wifi.
  • Move phone around to control computer pointer.
  • Buttons for left/right mouse button and scroll button.
  • Touchpad function
  • Keyboard
  • Web browser mode
  • Arrow buttons (Only in Full version)
  • Powerpoint mode (Only in Full version)
  • Customizable buttons (Only in Full version)
  • Media player controls (Beta) (Only in Full version)
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